Vanilla Bean Fresh Scoop Scent Air Freshener & Odour Eliminator

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"French Vanilla Scent is formulated with unique water-based fragrances to smell like the rich, sweet, flowery flavor of French vanilla ice cream to make anyones mouth water with icy anticipation."

Use This Air Freshener To:
Treat yourself without any of the calories
Deliver a fresh, organic, non-chemical scent
Kill bad odors at their source
Cool your interior with the scent of icy vanilla
Satisfy sugar cravings anywhere, anytime
The Scent Of Fresh Scooped Vanilla Ice Cream

It is a true labor of love to hand-prune and pollinate every individual flower on the vine, but the sweet vanilla aroma make it all worth it. Chemical Guys took vanilla extracts and mixed them with their patented odor eliminator enzymes. The end result is a flowery fragrant vanilla air freshener scent that eliminates odors at their source.

Natural Odor Eliminator
Mist a few sprays of Vanilla Bean Fresh Scoop in your musty car, stale living room, or any other stinky space to purge foul odors with the fresh scent of hand-scooped ice cream. Mist a few sprays of Vanilla Bean in any stale air to purge foul odors and replace them with subtle floral notes of vanilla and cream. Just dont spray too much, you just might get a brain freeze!