About Us

Chemical Guys was founded with a goal of providing the community, businesses, business professionals, clients, auto enthusiasts and friends with the highest quality car care products, service, advice and help. Our products are second to none, ask anyone who has ever tried Chemical Guys products what they thought, we are more than certain the reviews will be good. If you are starting a business and need help, if you’re a detailer looking to take your business to the next level or if you’re a car guy or girl looking for the best car care products, you are at the right place.

Throughout the years, we have evolved. Chemical Guys is more than a company, it’s a group of friends with a worldwide following. What drives us is a passion for shine. It drives us to innovate, invent, and teach, because to us, success is to build not a company, but a worldwide family whose sum is greater than all of its parts. From exclusive small-batch waxes to cutting edge hybrid coatings, nano-polishes, and ceramic sealants, we do more than innovate in the industry, we redefine it.

At Chemical Guys, we don’t just manufacture the highest quality chemicals in California, we specialise in manufacturing unique solutions in an ever-changing industry. Welcome to the Chemical Guys Family.