Tough Mudder Truck Wash ATV Heavy Duty Soap 1 gallon

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Tough Mudder is the ultimate off-road vehicle wash that safely removes stuck-on dirt and sand while leaving behind a layer of sealant that makes it harder for fresh mud to stick to the surface! Use This Soap To: Make any filthy off-road vehicle shine Pull off intense dirt, grease, mud, and grime Repel fresh dirt, mud, and debris Protect your truck against swirls and scratches Make your next car wash a breeze Heavy Duty Cleaning Agents for Stuck-On Dirt & Debris Wash any off-road filth from your ATV, quad, dirt bike, truck, 4x4, or dune buggy with Tough Mudder! Simply spray over dried mud and dirt, then watch it slide right off the paintwork, glass, wheels, engine bays, and undercarriage parts. The thick soap clings hard to abrasive dirt and sand, releases it from the surface, and surrounds it with slick lubricants to help prevent swirls and scratches. Slick Additives to Keep Your Truck Cleaner for Longer Tough Mudder doesn't just clean stuck on off-road dirt, debris, and mud, it also contains specialty surface release additives that leave behind a super slick surface that makes it harder for fresh mud to stick. This new technology will not only leave your truck or off-road vehicle cleaner for longer, it will also make washing it next time easier!