Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant, New Car Smell 16oz

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Introducing Total Interior New Car Smell – the ultimate fusion of impeccable cleaning prowess and the irresistible scent of a brand-new car. This enhanced formula ensures your car's interior surfaces are spotless, protected, and enveloped in one of our most popular scents. Total Interior New Car Smell can be used on virtually all interior surfaces of your car, and even at home! Whether you're looking to recreate that first-drive feeling or simply want to elevate your car care routine, Total Interior New Car Smell is your perfect companion. Same great results, now with the scent you love!

Use Total Interior New Car Smell For:
Save time and money with one do-it-all product
Simplify your detailing arsenal
Keep your interior fresh, clean, and new
Clean without worrying about damaging surfaces
Gently clean and protect nav and touch screens
Recreate the magic of a brand new car
Smell like you just pulled out of the dealer


One Solution For All Surfaces
No need for separate cleaners! With Total Interior, you can clean and protect virtually all interior surfaces of your vehicle to remove layers of dirt, grime, debris, fingerprints, grease, and oils. The gentle formula won’t stain or streak on glass or alter the feel or texture of upholstery and carpets.

Mist On, Wipe Off (with No Residue)
Total Interior’s unique formula is also blended with UV blockers that help shield interior car parts from harsh sunlight to help prevent cracking and fading on hard plastics. The premium formula wipes clean, finishes residue-free, and leaves no greasy or oily look behind.

Spray Total Interior on dirty surfaces. Wipe up dirt, grime, and contamination with a microfiber towel or agitate filth from cloth, carpet, or upholstery with a soft brush. Buff away streaks or blot fabrics dry with a separate (clean) microfiber towel.

For GPS, LCD, clear plastics, navigation screens, and electronics, mist Total Interior directly onto a microfiber towel to avoid overspray. 

All aftermarket tint films are different and may react differently to chemical applications. As always, we recommend testing this product in a small, inconspicuous area before first use on aftermarket tint films.