Show Car Premium Detailing Brush

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The Easy Reach & Show Car Brush features an extra-long and fluffy profile, which is perfect for scrubbing between spokes and deep inside the barrel of alloy wheels for total clean and bright shine. Use This Brush To: Slip through spokes and reach deep into barrel Protect hands and wheels from scratches Deep clean intricate wheel designs & patterns Clean all the way to back of the wheel Get the perfect scratch-free shine Bendable for Detailing Versatility Easily bend and shape the flexible brush rod to fit around brake calipers, into tight spaces, and behind wheel spokes. The long brush cleans all the way to the back of any wheel, and the soft rubber tip prevents scratching damage along the way. The brush also protects the user: the soft rubberized handle and knuckle guard protect hands around spokes and sharp dust shields. Soft, Synthetic Bristles Gently Clean Use the extra-long 17 brush to clean deep inside wheels, exhaust tips, engine bays, and more. The soft bristles gently scrub and lift dirt and grime from wheels and other compact areas for a scratch-free shine. For extra dirty wheels, choose the Show Car Brush. For the softest, most delicate touch, choose the Show Car Brush and restore your wheels to like-new condition!