Rimpaca Reach Around Ultimate Wheel Brush - set of 2

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The Rimpaca Reacharound are the wheel brushes that combine a unique angled design with an ultra soft fully synthetic wool head to allow you to reach around to deep clean all those hard to reach areas all over your ride!

Awesome Rimpaca Features
2 sizes for maximum versatility
Supremely fluffy heads gently scrub away grime
Extra soft and safe on all wheel types
Deep cleans hard to reach areas
Perfect for everything from performance brakes to daily drivers
Holds tons of thick foamy suds
Gets in tight areas
Deep cleans brakes and calipers
Metal-free design minimizes risk of scratching
Comfortable hand grip keeps brush from slipping
Ultra Fluffy Like An Alpaca

Whats soft, fluffy, and totally gentle on all wheels? The Rimpaca! With an extra plush head, the Rimpaca is perfect for cleaning the most sensitive surfaces without scratching or swirling. With two sizes to choose from, theyre the perfect way to scrub dirt, brake dust, and road grime from your wheels, brakes, calipers, and wheel wells to restore long lost shine!

Angled For Maximum Clean
Theres always those areas that are just hard to reach around your car now, you can deep clean all those places with ease with the Rimpaca Reacharound! The Rimpaca features an angled design to effortlessly clean those hard to reach areas like behind wheels, deep inside wheel wells, inside exhaust pipes, in between grille slats- without any awkward maneuvering! Let the Rimpaca Reacharound do all the hard work for you with two sizes, theres a brush for every part of your ride!

Use It Wet or Dry
When somethings this fluffy and soft, youre going to want to use it more than one place! Thats why the Rimpaca is designed to be used on both the interior and exterior of your ride. Use the Rimpaca dry to dust sensitive interior surfaces in between full details. The ultra soft synthetic wool sucks up tons of dust deep within the long fibers to make the perfect maintenance tool that everyone needs to keep in their ride! Keep another Stranger around to hold tons of thick suds for the perfect scratch-free wash.