Pina Cola Air Freshener

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Pia Colada Scent is the luscious mixture of cream of coconut, fresh pineapple, and a spritz of tropical vacation blended into the perfectly sweet and rich air freshener for good times anywhere. Use This Air Freshener To: Reminisce the warm summer nights in the Caribbean Relive that unforgettable tropical vacation Erase odor causing maladies Escape to warm sandy beaches elsewhere Instantly lift your mood Perfect Harmony of Pineapple & Coconut Pia Colada Scent smells like tropical paradise with every spray! No trip to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, or OMalleys would be complete without sipping the cool concoction on a sunny beach. Although you cant sip your favorite fruity beverage behind the wheel, you can certainly enjoy the tropical scent anywhere, any time with Pia Colada, all while active odor eliminators destroy odors at their source! All the Best Scents of a Secluded Island Getaway Pia Colada Scent smells like the real thing because it is made with natural pineapple and coconut extracts. Cheap air fresheners use noxious chemicals that sting and burn the nostrils with sickly-sweet candy smells. Pia Colada Scent stimulates and soothes the senses with the crisp bite of tangy pineapple juice and the mellow full-rounded body of coconut for instant mouthwatering satisfaction!