Morning Wood Scent Air Freshener

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Morning Wood captures the woody and earthy essence of Sandalwood, Cedar, Pine, and Redwood. Its the scent for a lumberjack at a white tie dinner party that captures the power and virility of nature.

Use This Air Freshener To:

Release stiff tensions of bad odors
Bring the natural outdoors into any space
Unleash your inner burly outdoorsman
Instantly diffuse masculinity with a single spray
Finish every occasion with a happy ending
A Touch Of Class

Morning Wood is more than just an odor eliminator, its the sensation of pitching a tent deep inside the forest. Every addictive droplet of Morning Wood unleashes the burly outdoorsman lying dormant deep within your coy exterior. The rich medley of earthly aromas of Sandalwood, Cedar, Pine, and Redwood marinate together to create a robust odor eliminator with a hypnotizing gentlemanly musk.

Bottle The Scent Of Hardwood

A fresh mist of Morning Wood will have you standing at attention, a thick beard will suddenly sprout from your bare chin, and other people will immediately notice the stiffness of your handshake. Top notes of spices and herbs soften and round off the entire ensemble into a cohesive and sophisticated fragrance. Mist Morning Wood scent to embrace your wildness, sophistication, and power all at once!