Leather Scent Air Freshener

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Leather Scent is the premium air freshener and odor eliminator formulated for OEM dealers and distributors to truly smell just like new plush leather and is now available to you!

Use This Air Freshener To:
Imbue your spaces with sophistication and class
Restore that elusive new car smell
Relive the joy of brand new leather goods
Refresh any stinky shared space
Unwrap a brand new car with each spray
What Does It Smell Like?

What comes to mind when you breathe in the musk of fine leather? Maybe its a form-fitting motorcycle jacket, a well-worn guitar strap, or your favorite pair of boots. Some people recount the joy of purchasing their expensive designer handbag or fine leather wallet when they catch the scent of fine leather, others relive warm reminiscences relaxing with friends in plush leather easy chairs.

Freshens And Destroys Odors At Their Source
Whatever your fancy, you can relive those great moments with Leather Scent! Mist a few sprays around the home, office, car, or any other enclosed space that can use the smooth, sophisticated scent of fine leather. Leather Scent contains active odor eliminators and neutralizers to rapidly subdue undesirable smells right at the source, so you get the purest leather scent with each and every spray.