Heavy Duty Smoked Obsidian Black Detailing Bucket

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Add some cool to your detail with the Heavy Duty Ultra Clear Smoked Obsidian Black Bucket! Functionality is fashionable with this heavy duty, smoked obsidian bucket that looks great and works even better!

Awesome Smoked Obsidian Black Bucket Features:
Useful car washing bucket that looks as good as your car
Translucent black allows you to see your soap dilution
Makes the perfect seat
Color code your buckets for enhanced organization
Pair with Ultra Clear Bucket for the perfect combo
Disguise your dirty water
Pairs perfectly with your Dirt Trap and CG Bucket Lid
Live and rep the CG lifestyle
Great for two bucket wash method
Add color and cool factor to your wash
Compatible with all CG bucket accessories
Add Some Cool To Your Car Wash

Never before has washing your car looked this cool! Whether youre filling it with water and soap to activate your suds, stuffing it full of your favorite Chemical Guys products for safe storage, or sitting on it to detail those low areas on your ride, youll look good with the Heavy Duty Ultra Clear Smoked Obsidian Black Bucket. Made of high density ultra durable plastic, this useful bucket is decked out with a sleek, smoked black design and is sure to turn so many heads youll want to show it off almost as much as your ride!

Color Coded Organization
Never mix up which buckets which again with the Smoked Obsidian Black Bucket! Pair the Smoked Black Bucket with the Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket for the perfect organizational solution to your detailing arsenal. The power of your two buckets combined makes for the optimal two bucket method car wash. Use Smoked Black for soap and Ultra Clear for rinse or vice versa so theres never any confusion. When youre done, use your buckets for safe and simple storage and organization of all your favorite Chemical Guys products!

Use Your Bucket In A Variety Of Ways
The Heavy Duty Ultra Clear Smoked Obsidian Black Bucket has limitless uses around your car, house, and more! Add a CG Bucket Lid and use it as a seat to save your knees while hitting those low areas on your ride. Store all your favorite Chemical Guys products in it when not in use so theyre organized and secure. Hold tons of soapy suds and perfectly fit your CG Dirt Trap to achieve a brilliant scratch-free wash, all while hiding your scummy suds so you can keep your car wash classy and your cars dirty little secrets between the two of you! The possibilities are endless with the Heavy Duty Ultra Clear Smoked Obsidian Black Bucket!