Freeloader Bucket & Dolly Organiser

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The Freeloader Bucket & Dolly Organizer is the simple and easy way to store and access all of your supplies while you detail! With its unique design and convenient application, your detailing arsenal is never further away than an arm’s reach away!

Awesome Freeloader Features:
Keeps your arsenal at your fingertips
Holds all of your favorite tools
Never misplace your detailing supplies again
Store and organize all your supplies
Attaches to your standard 12” diameter bucket and dolly
2 Brush Containment Units hold brushes, towels, and more
Perfect for all around the house and yard
3 drain ports help drain excess water
Easily removable to clean, store, and stack

Easily Access All Of Your Tools
Ever misplace a bottle or brush, towel or mitt, right in the middle of a detail? With the Freeloader, your arsenal stays organized and ready to use! Keep your chemicals, brushes, towels and applicators all within arm’s reach so you can get the job done fast and easy! The Freeloader allows you to keep your arsenal at your fingertips so you can speed up your detail and maximize efficiency! Keep one in your garage, in your house, at work, and in the yard- the Freeloader helps you stay organized anywhere and everywhere!

Bucketloads Of Organization
The Freeloader Bucket & Dolly Organizer is designed to fit on your standard 12” diameter bucket and dolly so your supplies are never out of reach! Its curved body contours perfectly with your Chemical Guys bucket and dolly so you can take your tools all around your car, house, yard, and more. Need more organizing space? Grab two, three or however many Freeloaders you need and stick them on your bucket and dolly for maximum organization.

Keep Your Arsenal Close
When you’re hard at work giving your car that signature Chemical Guys shine, the last thing you want to do is have to get up and go get supplies. The Freeloader keeps your tools, chemicals, and accessories right where you need them. 2 Brush Containment Units keep your brushes stored and ready to use, and the large interior, and three drain ports keeps your bottles, mitts, applicators and other supplies ready to go- all conveniently attached to your bucket and dolly!