After Wash Anti-Scratch Drying Aid & Supreme Gloss Enhancer

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After Wash is an advanced drying aid that repels water, adds lubrication, and creates a streak and scratch-free shine when drying any vehicle. Its the safest way to dry any vehicle!

Why Use AfterWash:
Add slickness to prevent scratching when drying
Glide towel over paintwork without marring
Dry any size vehicle in a flash
Shine as you dry
Help drying towel absorb more water in less time
Maintain Scratch-Free Paintwork with After Wash

95% of swirls and scratches come from poor wash and dry habits. Using After Wash after the final rinse is the best way to dry your vehicle without adding scratches or swirls. The secret to After Wash is the advanced lubrication agents that reduce friction between the paintwork and microfiber drying towel, ensuring your towel glides over the paintwork for a smooth, streak and scratch-free surface.

Water-Repelling Formula Dries Fast
After Wash uses hydrophobic technology to push water away from paint and quickly dry any vehicle faster than a towel alone. After Wash is formulated with synthetic sealant and gloss enhancers, adding extra protection after a wash. Simply spray After Wash on the wet surface, then watch the puddles of water sheet off the paint! After Wash makes drying your vehicle quick, easy, and safe.