Activate Instant Spray Sealant & Protectant

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Activate is the next generation paint sealant that easily sprays on for durable protection against the elements and an intense high gloss shine. Simply shake, spray, and wipe for amazing results!

Use This Sealant To:
Get an instant wet finish
Create a slick surface that helps repel debris
Shine and seal with a few sprays
Apply just the right amount of product
Bead and repel water
Easy On, Easy Off

Not every detailer has time to spread luxurious paste wax by hand. When the name of the game is speed and economy, Activate sprays on a durable protection coating and shine in just minutes. The easy to use formula is perfect for detailers looking for the maximum shine and protection in the minimal amount of time, and ensures that every detailer applies just the right amount of product every time!

Durable Protection Against The Elements
Activate contains Reactive Fusion Technology that combines extreme gloss enhancers with premium white carnauba wax and synthetic sealants for reduced application time, improved durability, and extended protection. Activate applies and cures quickly to create a slick surface that dirt, pollution, and water simply slide from. With just a spray, Activate provides weatherproof protection for months!