The HUAT Bucket

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Paired together with our latest Mr. Gold Super Suds Shampoo and the other recommended car wash essentials, get ready to pamper your car with the most good luck kilat wash this Chinese New Year with The Chemical Guys HUAT Bucket!

1. Mr. Gold Super Suds Shampoo

Treat your car like gold with Mr.Gold Car Wash Shampoo! Improper washing can cause scratches and swirls that make your paintwork appear dull and neglected. Mr. Gold is blended with super-slick polymers with hyper surfactants that lift, capture, and lubricate abrasive debris, allowing the surface to be gently wiped to minimize scratching and swirling. Choose Mr. Gold to help glide your wash mitt effortlessly over the surface for the perfect weekly wash and sparkling finish!

2. Chemical Guys Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Pad

The 70/30 blended microfiber Premium Wash Pad measures 13’’ long by 8’’ wide and cleans a large area with one pass over any vehicle. The slim profile fits in and around vents, grilles, side view door mirrors, and even into and behind wheel spokes, around exhaust tips, and underneath spoilers. The cuffless design is not a glove or mitt: just grab a hold and clean any vehicle, large or small!

3. Chemical Guys Professional Grade Microfiber Towel 16" X 24" (Pack of 3) 

Premium Microfiber Towels are fluffy and soft and are perfect for final-touch wiping because they are lint and scratch free. Microfiber is the industry-standard cloth for touching and wiping cars because it is super-soft, super-absorbent, and will not scratch paint when used properly.

4. Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Luminous Translucent Red Detailing Bucket

Make washing your car a blast and add some fiery red color to your detailing with the Luminous Translucent Red Bucket! Made of durable, heavy duty materials and built to last, the Red Bucket gives you loads of functionality all while adding a ton of colorful fun to your wash experience!

5. Chemical Guys Cyclone Dirt Trap Car Wash Bucket Insert

The Dirt Trap keeps abrasive particles at the bottom of your wash bucket to reduce scratches and swirls caused. Old world wash screens allow water and dirt to flow through vertically. The textured underside and small holes of the Dirt Trap screen act as a one-way valve: dirt is pushed through the cyclone funnels and is trapped underneath the guard where it cannot flow back into the clean water.