Heavy Duty Blazing Transparent Blue Detailing Bucket

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Add some color to your car wash and make it tons of fun with the Blazing Transparent Blue Bucket! Hold loads of soapy suds, store all your Chemical Guys accessories, and shine your ride all while enjoying the vibrant color and fervent fun of the Blazing Blue Bucket!

Amazing Blue Bucket Features:

Useful car washing bucket with blazing blue hue
Translucent color allows you to see into your bucket
Makes the perfect seat for detailing low areas
Color code your buckets for enhanced organization
Pair with different colored buckets to prevent cross contamination
Perfectly fits your Dirt Trap and Chemical Guys Bucket Lid
Live and rep the Chemical Guys lifestyle
Great for two bucket wash method
Add color and fun to your wash
Compatible with all Chemical Guys bucket accessories

Take Your Car Wash To New Levels Of Fun

Add some color to your next car wash with the vibrant flare of the Blazing Transparent Blue Bucket! Made of high density and ultra durable plastic, the Blazing Blue Bucket is built to last and is sure to add a ton of fun and a whole lot of luminosity to your detailing! Fill it with soapy suds to wash, sit on it to clean those low areas of your ride, fill it with all your favorite products to stay organized, and much more, all while enjoying the bright style of your new bucket!

Color Code Your Arsenal

As your arsenal continues to grow, its important to stay organized and tidy so you always know where your supplies are. The Blazing Transparent Blue Bucket pairs perfectly with the Ultra Clear Bucket, Smoked Black Bucket, and Luminous Red Bucket to store your entire detailing arsenal and keep everything organized! Put your whole Chemical Guys Bucket collection to work so you can store your arsenal and keep your products perfectly catalogued!