Exterior Care Kit

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1) Chemical Guys Hydro View Ceramic Glass Coating 16oz

HydroView is the ultimate hydrophobic two-in-one glass cleaner and ceramic coating protectant in one step that provides the highest level of optical clarity while delivering a smooth and contamination-free surface that instantly sheds water for maximum visibility at all times.


2) Chemical Guys Blueberry Snow Foam Auto Wash 16oz

Blueberry Snow Foam is the new limited-edition car wash soap that smells like a truckload of just picked, fresh, ripe blueberries and creates tons of thick foaming suds to lubricate your paintwork to give you the perfect car wash while helping reduce swirling and scratching for the safest and most wash ever!


3) Classic Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel 380gsm

- 380gsm

- 60x40cm

- 70% Polymer, 30% Polyamide

- Square grooves to trap and absorb liquids quickly, simply swipe this towel over the surface to dry water in one pass

- Trapped missed dirt for scratch-free wiping, reduce the chances of marring

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