Chemical Guys National Day Bundle

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Celebrate Singapore's 57th Birthday with us!

For $57, you'll receive:

1) Blueberry Snow Foam Shampoo (16oz)

2) Carbon Flex Vitalize Spray Sealant (16oz)

3) Professional Microfiber Workhorse Towel Yellow 16"x24" (3pcs)


1) Blueberry Snow Foam is the new limited-edition car wash soap that smells like a truckload of just picked, fresh, ripe blueberries and creates tons of thick foaming suds to lubricate your paintwork to give you the perfect car wash while helping reduce swirling and scratching for the safest and most wash ever!

Use This Soap To:

Turn any car wash into a foam party

Wash your ride while enjoying the tantalizing scent of ripe blueberries

Coat your car in tons of scrubbing bubbles

Release and gently guide away dirt and grime

Maintain your show-winning shine

Take weekly washes to the next level of perfection


2) Carbon Flex Vitalize Spray Sealant is the unique quick detail spray specifically designed to clean, maintain and enhance ceramic or carbon based protective coatings, helping ensure the maximum protection for the longest time.

Use This Quick Detailer To:

Strengthen your existing ceramic coating

Quickly clean up on the go

Add a brilliant shine to your protected surface

Give your carbon coating a boost

Dry your car without adding swirls or scratches

Durable Shield Protection


3) Professional Microfiber Workhorse Towels are the professional detailer’s go-to towel, made with a super soft 70/30 microfiber blend for ultra-absorbent and scratch-free wiping on all surfaces.

Use This Towel To: 

Quickly remove detail sprays, wax, sealant, glaze

Buff paint to a brilliant shine

Trap dirt without scratching

Restore leather to like new condition

Pull dirt and grime off interior surfaces

Versatile 16" x 24" size