Hydro Protection Kit

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This bundle includes:


1) HydroSuds Ceramic Snow Foam Shampoo 16oz

Hyper-foaming pH neutral soap with the high gloss shielding properties of Si02 to deliver a hydrophobic wash that delivers a brilliant jaw-dropping shine.


Use HydroSuds For:

- Recharge your ceramic coating

- Shoot incredible suds like you’ve never seen

- Leave behind SiO2 protection

- Save time by washing and protecting in one step

- Reveal amazing gloss and shine

- Special Silica-Rich Formula Protects


2) Hydro speed Ceramic Quick Detailer 16oz

Easy-to-apply ceramic quick detailer that uses special hydrophobic polymers and nanoparticles of SiO2 to deliver a brilliant show car shine, durable all-weather protection, and intense hydrophobic water beading in mere seconds!


Use HydroSpeed For:

- Extreme hyperactive water beading

- Ceramic self cleaning properties

- Protects against UV rays, extreme weather, and contamination

- Enhances existing ceramic coated vehicles

- Adds durable protection and shine to uncoated paint


3) Hydro View Ceramic Glass Coating 16oz

HydroView is the ultimate hydrophobic two-in-one glass cleaner and ceramic coating protectant in one step that provides the highest level of optical clarity while delivering a smooth and contamination-free surface that instantly sheds water for maximum visibility at all times.


4) Hydro Spin Wheel & Rim Ceramic Coating & Quick Detailer 16oz

Super-durable ceramic coating barrier that helps protect wheels and rims from dirt, brake dust, and contaminants while adding a brilliant high gloss ceramic shine and superior water beading in a sprayable formula that’s fast and fun to apply!


Use HydroSpin For:

- Perfect for wheel and rim maintenance

- Add a brilliant ceramic hypershine

- Extremely hydrophobic surface that help reduce water spots and staining

- Protects against dust, debris, dirt, and grime